Study Abroad 2017-2018

A beautiful year or a semester with splendid globally designed courses taught in English. Study in Pécs, the city of unforgettable festivity and tranquil decency in Hungary.



◆ Course List


From the academic year of 2017-2018, the University of Pécs provides the students from different countries with the following Study Abroad programs “in English language.” For details of program/course lists, please click on the name of program to download the description of each subsequent course.

  1. Architecture BSc + MSc
  2. Civil Engineering BSc
  3. Electrical Engineering BSc
  4. Structural Engineering MSc
  5. Computer Science Engineering BSc
  6. Computer Science Engineering MSc
  7. Business Administration BA
  8. Applied Management MSc
  9. Psychology BA
  10. International Relations BA
  11. International Relations MA
  12. English and American Studies BA
  13. English Studies MA
  14. Nursing BSc
  15. Physiotherapy BSc
  16. General Courses for all Majors in Health Sciences
  17. Classical Music Performance BA/MA
  18. Sculpture(single cycle MA)
  19. Ceramic Design MA
  20. *Painting (single cycle MA)
  21. *Graphic Design (single cycle MA)

◆ Credit System (ECTS)

One program consists of many different (subject) courses. One course may fall on between 1 and 9 ECTS credits per semester. Flexibility is one of the best benefits of our Study Abroad Program for it allows the students to take courses from various departments within the University.

Naturally, our students can creatively customize their own study programs based on their personal interests  as well as the compatibility with the mother institutions back home.

*Things to Notice*

ⓐ Compatibility and Transferable Credits: the applicant may need to write up a “study plan” prior to departure from home, referring to the course list provided above, and consult with the student service center at mother institution. In general, the ECTS credits are mostly transferable within the U.S., with a few exceptions depending on the course duration of certain subjects as well as the administrative policy of the institutions. Please verify the compatibility and transferable credits at your institutions before you leave.


(ⓒ 2017

ⓑ Temporary Immigration Qualification within Schengen Area: the applicants may have to register as “full-time” students with more than 25 ECTS credits per semester (*unless specified for staying longer than 30 days, in general.) Please check the course list of your desired programs to verify the minimum credit requirement for Schengen Visa. 


(ⓒ 2017


ⓒ VISA application: in case of “VISA waived nationalities for 30 or 90 days,”the applicants may enter Schengen border with “the itinerary showing return flight + acceptance letter from visiting institution,” subsequently applying for the temporary residence permit within 15 days of arrival, in general. However, if your country is not listed as “VISA waived nationalities” for Schengen Area, you must apply for “student visa” with valid documents listed on the visa qualification of your nearest Hungarian embassy/consulate webpages.


(ⓒ 2017


◆ Periods of Studies

Based on your personal budget and/or the possibility of grants, scholarship, and any other forms of financial supports, three options of course duration are available:

Study option


Study period

① Single Academic Year

1 Year

September – June

② Single Semester

Fall semester

September – December

③ Single Semester

Spring semester

February – June

(*Preliminary application process is requested 6 months prior to the desired entry.)


◆ Assessment & Instruction

The assessment rules are governed by individual courses, including documentations, written and oral exams, special tests, presentations, and/or other practical assignments such as portfolios.

Most courses consist of traditional lectures and seminars, together with additional experiments/practices, if applicable. Some other “individualized” forms of instruction may be provided, depending on the subject requirements and instructional environment.

Depending on the course registered, a separate “scholarship” may be guaranteed by EU Semester®. Please contact us for more details.











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