Full Degree vs Student Exchange

(photo credit – Google®) Royal Castle of Budapest, Hungary

Do you want to adapt Romanesque style of architecture when you design a new project if you major in architecture? Or, do you want to integrate some authentic European visual art skills into your book writing?

Everything is “even more” possible after participating in Study Abroad programs of Europe!

Here are the list of European countries where you can have various “English-taught” majors. The majority of these study-abroad programs are eligible for your FAFSA and other financial aids, including Fulbright student programs for American citizens.

  • Hungary (*medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, civil engineering, European laws, visual arts, musical arts, and others)
  • Italy (*medicine, architecture, fashion design, culinary arts, environmental sciences, and others)
  • France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, and others (**to be announced and/or answered by completing the inquiry form below.)

(photo credit – theconversation.com)

All these European countries DO offer “English-taught” study programs, in both full-degree and semester-long student exchange curriculums. Most important benefits from study-abroad programs in Europe are:

  • cheap and reasonable fees and cost
  • safer environment
  • multi-cultural student network from north, south, east, and west European regions
  • historical and artistic roots of western culture
  • 100% European Union accredited degrees of all levels
  • most diverse post-graduate career opportunities around Europe as well as Americas

Furthermore, you will find it much easier to travel around different from country to country within Europe during your stay, be it a semester-long or many years.

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Senior Editor